Sensitive goods such as artworks, mobile phones, laptops, optical instruments, arts and electronic products are frequently transported with MNG Airlines and are stored and delivered under high security and safety conditions, without any damage to the products. 

Your sensitive goods are constantly monitored through the cameras located inside and around the storage facilities.  

All processes regarding the storage and transportation of your sensitive goods are carried out in accordance with IATA standards by our team of conscious and experienced employees.

To ensure the reliable, fast and safe transportation of your sensitive goods to different airports around the world with MNG Airlines, contact us on nominated agents for reservations, cargocharter@mngairlines.com for private chartered jets, and dgr@mngairlines.com for operational information and inquiries.

Special Conditions:
The maximum stacking height and/or number must be specified on the package of your sensitive goods. There must be a breakable goods sign placed on the packages of breakable cargoes.