Items that lose quality due to changes in altitude, temperature, humidity, climate and other environmental factors or the exceeding of the given time interval for delivery are given the term, perishable cargoes. MNG Airlines provides the necessary conditions regarding their special storage, stacking and shipment needs, from their admittance up to their delivery. Temperatures are maintained at desired levels through our cold room storages at Atatürk Airport, with temperature and humidity levels tracked and stored electronically.

The admittance, storage, stacking and transport operations of perishable cargoes are carried out in line with the IATA PCR (Perishable Cargo Regulations) under the supervision of our qualified personnel, trained in accordance with IATA regulations. 

MNG Airlines is well equipped in terms of know-how and experience regarding the transportation of perishable cargoes that include dairy, meat and fish products as well as vegetables and flowers. All necessary care is given and special procedures are carried out to ensure that your products are transported securely, quickly and reliably.
We provide instant operational communication and are in close contact with our customers to ensure that special conditions are met during the transportation of perishable cargoes.   

The packaging, labeling, marking and preparation of documents regarding perishable cargoes are under the responsibility of the sender. Please contact us through dgr@mngairlines.com for more information and further inquiries. 

To ensure the reliable, fast and safe transportation of your perishable cargoes to different airports around the world with MNG Airlines, contact us on nominated agents for reservations, cargocharter@mngairlines.com for private chartered jets, and dgr@mngairlines.com for operational information and inquiries.

Submit cargoes in refrigerated vehicles that provide the appropriate temperature for your goods. 

The packages of perishable cargoes become wet and soft due to the moisture and gases produced by the cargoes during their transport, which result in lower durability and crushing and damage of packages. As the carrier, it is very difficult for us to determine their durability, making such damages unavoidable. The senders must ensure the use of appropriate packaging for their goods, both in terms of structure (hard carton, plastic, wood etc.) and size. The sender must notify us at dgr@mngairlines.com and kargo.ihracat@mngairlines.com regarding the maximum height in which the cargoes can be stacked on top of each other so that they can be carried on board.

Special Conditions:
If there are specific temparature and ventilation requirements related to the perishable cargo to be carried, be sure to indicate them in the AWB.

Make sure to apply perishable cargo stickers, hold upright stickers and temperature stickers on the packages of your perishable cargoes. 

MNG Airlines rents type RKN and type RAP refrigerators for your perishable cargoes and makes them available for use by customers.