MNG Airlines holds an operational experience that has proven its success in live animal transport. Since our establishment, we have attentively and successfully provided transportation services for live animals that include the likes of racehorses, which are high in both value and delicacy.

In parallel with the economic development of our country, there has been an increase in the export and import of live animals as well as a rise in demands for airlines. Right from the reservation stage, we monitor the transport of racehorses, breeding chicks, aquarium animals, bomb and narcotic dogs and many other live animals with care and meet all international transport standards in our storage areas and on our planes.

The admittance, control, loading and unloading services of live animals are carried out in line with IATA regulations by trained personnel.

We have identified the risks and sensitivities of frequently transported live animals through our long-established knowledge of air transport and ensure their stress-free and healthy long distance transport in our planes by sharing our know-how and insight with senders. 

EASA approved containers required for use in live animal carriage can be rented from our contracted ULD suppliers and are made available to our customers.

To ensure the reliable, fast and safe transportation of your live animals to different airports around the world with MNG Airlines, contact us on nominated agents for reservations, cargocharter@mngairlines.com for private chartered jets, and dgr@mngairlines.com for operational information and inquiries.

Special Conditions:
Live animals must be admitted before 5pm and all documents must be handed in before 6pm for scheduled flights from Istanbul. For later deliveries, please make sure to inform us at dgr@mngairlines.com.

The live animal’s cage, container, labeling and marking, as well as obtaining its necessary permits and documents are under the responsibility of the shipper. Please provide us with documents that contain information regarding the live animal’s nutrition and air temperature/ventilation requirements.

It is necessary that you send the live animal’s documents (Live Animal’s Certification, CITES, Vet Reports, Export Certificates and AWB) via e-mail to dgr@mngairlines.com so that preliminary controls can be completed.