As MNG Airlines, we handle funeral transport processes with care, with necessary coordination facilitated through our foreign representatives and handling firms to ensure trouble free transport. All admittance, storage and transport processes are carried out by our personnel who have been trained in accordance with IATA standards. 

Regarding transport conditions; 

Bodies that will be transported in coffins must be admitted in metal zinc or lead coffins and solid wood coffins in which the body is wrapped in a sack or with canvas.

Bodies that have been cremated must be admitted in a wooden box or chest with shock absorbent packaging and a special container to prevent breakages. 

Funerals are not accepted for transportation with mixed cargoes (consolidated).

To ensure the reliable, fast and safe transportation of your funerals to different airports around the world with MNG Airlines, contact us on nominated agents for reservations, cargocharter@mngairlines.com for private chartered jets, and dgr@mngairlines.com for operational information and inquiries.

You must notify on.kayıt@mngairlines.com and kargo.ihracat@mngairlines.com regarding the delivery time and date of your funeral at least 24 hours before you submit it to our temporary storage area.