As described and listed in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations book, dangerous goods are those that may potentially cause harm to the passenger, crew, plane or other cargoes on the plane and surrounding environment. Therefore, they must only be in line with DGR and current publications, and will most definitely not be accepted in cases where requirements are not met.

MNG airlines is highly experienced in the shipment of class 9 dangerous goods determined by IATA, and transports all goods that are approved for airline transport safely and reliably without any additional restrictions. 

For our flights departing from Istanbul, we store dangerous substances separately from other cargoes in our temporary storage area and keep their interactions and risks that may arise as a result under control.

Dangerous goods acceptance procedures are carried out under the supervision of qualified personnel trained in accordance with the dangerous goods IATA standards, with storage, loading, unloading and transport operations executed by IATA certified personnel.

The packaging, labeling, marking as well as the preparation of documents regarding dangerous goods are under the responsibility of the sender. Make sure to get support from a dangerous goods consultant or company to avoid an incorrect claim or operation.

Many packages can include hidden dangerous goods that can be detected during an X-ray and physical control. For this reason, make sure to obtain the MSDS forms of your chemical products, pressurized and tube operated products and motorized and battery operated products from your manufacturers. Your MSDS document will be evaluated by our dangerous goods admittance personnel, and necessary processes regarding its approval will be completed. 

To ensure the reliable, fast and safe transportation of your dangerous goods to different airports around the world with MNG Airlines, contact us on nominated agents for reservations, cargocharter@mngairlines.com for private chartered jets, and dgr@mngairlines.com for operational information and inquiries.

Special Conditions:
Dangerous goods must be admitted before 5pm and all documents must be handed in before 6pm for scheduled flights from Istanbul. For later deliveries, please make sure to inform us at dgr@mngairlines.com.

Before submitting dangerous goods, it is necessary that you send its documents (Shipper’s Declaration, MSDS and AWB) via e-mail to dgr@mngairlines.com so that preliminary controls can be completed.

The MSDS form should have been prepared and/or updated in the last 2 years. 

Damaged packages, and packages with leakages are strictly prohibited for shipment by IATA regulations. Accidents and incidents related to dangerous goods are reported to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation in accordance with the Turkish Civil Aviation Regulations.