We use Envirotainer active temperature controlled containers so that cargoes are not exposed to different temperatures during transportation. With these containers, we are able to maintain desired temperatures and transport highly temperature sensitive health products such as vaccines and medicine on long distance flights. In addition, the data-recording feature allows us to be able to report the changes in temperature throughout the whole process to our customers. We are able to respond to the features and capacities demanded by our customers and provide a transportation capacity between -20 and +25 degrees Celsius (- 4 degrees Fahrenheit and 77 degrees Fahrenheit) as a result of the agreements we have made with international container supplier, Envirotainer.

Cold chain equipments (such as RAP and RKN containers) are planned according to the capacity required by the Ground Handling Authority and the most appropriate container for your delivery is determined and obtained from suppliers and made available for our customers’ use.

The processes concerned with the use of cold chain equipments are planned and carried out by our trained and specialized personnel. Our expert team will provide you information on when, where and how to deliver your goods. The battery controls of the containers are carried out and planned by our personnel. Temperature controls are documented so that they can be presented to customers instantaneously, if the need arises. 

Dry ice must be used with the containers if the goods are transported in temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. Dry ice is available for use and our specially trained expert personnel are in charge of calculating the amount that is required.

Our operational units and loading specialists monitor the complete processes regarding the transportation of the containers as well as the delivery of the products to the destination to ensure a fast and trouble-free transportation process. 

You can send your requests regarding the use of refrigerated containers to nominated agents, ulds@mngairlines.com and dgr@mngairlines.com.